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We specialize in professional film scanning of Super 35mm and 35mm film to DVD, BluRay, HD-AVI, Apple ProRes HQ and DPX. Just like Hollywood makes their DVDs, we scan the 35mm film at 2K (2048×1556) and down converts it to provide the best quality DVD possible. In addition, our automatic scan time Restoration will remove 80-90% of grain and dirt. All this for about 1/2 to 1/3 the rate charged in a typical Hollywood movie studio.

Have a large film archive that you want scanned on site? Contact us to learn more about our mobile 2K/4K scanning service.

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*Scanning only. This does not include the cost of the output format(s) like DVD, ProRes, DPX, etc.
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35mm Film To DVD

When it comes to transferring 35mm film to DVD, Imagine It Entertainment is the best in the business. We've revolutionized the process of transferring 35mm films through our unique ProHD process (2K - 2048×1556 scan) to give you the best 35mm film to DVD possible. Hollywood has played these tricks for decades. They scan their 35mm motion picture film at 2K or 4K resolution and then down convert it to DVD to give you the best looking DVD possible. We can do the same thing.

The more information you have from the scan, the better the compression to DVD will be. So, this is why a Hollywood DVD looks so good. By scanning your film at 2K you'll get the best possible DVD.

Some customers will ask, "just how much detail is on my 35mm film?" That's a good question. Most 35mm film has between 3000 to 4000 horizontal lines of resolution. A 2K scan will get 1556 horizontal lines. For most customer this is sufficient. So, a 4K scan will get 100% of the details on the film. When you down convert to DVD you loose very little visual quality.

In addition, we have outstanding restoration technology to remove scratches, dust and dirt. Our dust busting technology will remove about 80% of the defects on the film during scanning. Together, the 2K scan and professional dust busting will give you the best 35mm film to DVD possible.

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