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Even though Imagine It Entertainment specializes in professional scanning of 16mm and 35mm film, we can also transfer 8mm film to DVD for our amateur customers that are looking for the best quality. We offer two options, Pro HD and 2K. The Pro HD is scanned at 2K and down converted to HD on the fly. So, if you only need an HD format back you can do the Pro HD. If you want the 2K DPX files you have to choose the 2K process.

For 8mm film, the scanner does remove the majority of surface damage is most cases using light diffusion. Certainly, this is not adequate for broadcast or for documentaries. In these cases you will have to do additional clean up/dust busting work.

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*Scanning only. This does not include the cost of the output format(s) like DVD, ProRes, DPX, etc.
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8mm Film To DVD

Most will argue that 8mm film has around 800 to 1000 lines of resolution and that is probably true. But, there is also some value at scanning the film at 2K resolution. We did an experiment with 3000 feet from a customer. We had originally done a 1080 line scan but he felt there was more there especially at the grain level. So, we did a 2K scan and he was thrilled. We only saw about 20% difference in overall quality but he was thrilled. So, it isn't unclear if there was really more than 1080 lines worth of resolution on the 8mm film or if the 2K scanner was just more sensitive and was able to get a better digital representation of the 8mm film which make it look like it had better resolution.

In any case, if it is 8mm film to DVD you are looking for, we can deliver the best quality in the industry hands down. Your 8mm film to DVD transfer will be scanned at 2K and down convert to DVD. You wont find another lab offering this service at any price.

Just like Hollywood, they scan 35mm film at 4K and down convert it to DVD or BluRay in order to get the best looking DVD or BluRay possible from the film. We do the same thing for your 8mm film. By scanning at 2K and down converting to DVD you will get the best looking 8mm film to DVD conversion.

Now, of course, if you want better quality than DVD you may want to consider getting your 8mm film transferred to BluRay instead. This would maintain the quality of the scan better than DVD would since BluRay is 1080 lines and DVD is 480.

If you are looking for the best quality, we recommend the 2K scan to 2K DPX files. 2K DPX files are 1 file per frame and it is completely uncompressed. This is what most labs that send us 8mm film will order to ensure they get the best quality from the 8mm film.

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