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If you are looking for the best way to Convert 8mm to DVD, you've found it. Our new ProHD film scanning service scans the film at 2K (2048×1556) and down converts it to provide the best quality DVD video possible. So, if you are looking to convert your 8mm to DVD and want the best quality you need not look any further. We generally scan professional 16mm and 35mm film but do have customers with 8mm or Super 8 film that are looking for something better than what Walgreens or Walmart had give them.

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*Scanning only. This does not include the cost of the output format(s) like DVD, ProRes, DPX, etc.
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Convert 8mm to DVD

Converting film to DVD is a pretty straight forward process but it is not easy to get a digital image as good as the film. The main reason it is difficult to convert 8mm to DVD is because print film was never really intended for being copied. Only negative film was intended to be copied from film to a print film or another format. For years cheap services and camera shops would advertise to convert 8mm to DVD. What they were doing was using a modified projector and camcorder not too much more sophisticated then what you could do at home. The besides the main issue of filming your film, the other issue is that there were putting this (and some still are today) on VHS tape!! VHS only hold 240 lines. So, they were filming your film and was putting your 800-1000 line film on a 240 line tape. It doesn't make any sense. To add injury to insult, some customer were told they could throw their 8mm film out. Ouch! Definitely never throw your film out. Ever!

Many experts agree that you want to over sample your 8mm film. Meaning, if you are looking for the best conversion of 8mm film to DVD you want to scan the film at the next level which is 1080 lines. If you want a BluRay from your 8mm film ,you need to scan it at 2K. We support this notion and have seen ourselves the benefit of over sampling your film.

Converting 8mm to DVD makes sense for the older generation but to truly get the majority of the details you need to convert 8mm to BluRay instead or in addition to. The order form allows you to specify up to 3 different formats. So, if you want to convert 8mm to DVD, BluRay and ProRes, you can specify that on the order form.

So, if you are looking for the best company to convert 8mm to DVD, look no further than Imagine It Entertainment. We have been professionally scanning film since 1980 including many independent films. We've also scanned film for company archives like Converse Shoes, Fender Guitar and Government agencies.

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